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Saturday, May 22, 2010


Red Roses Red roses symbolize love, passion, and desire. It means “I love you” and is the traditional symbol of romantic love. Other meanings of red roses include respect, courage, beauty, and sincerity. Additionally, red roses also say “Well done!” and “Congratulations”. Pink Roses Generally, pink roses signify grace, happiness, and elegance. It is often given as an expression of admiration and also expresses appreciation and gratitude. Light pink roses connote happiness and fun, while deep pink roses say “Thank you”. Yellow Roses Contrary to popular Asian beliefs, yellow roses do not represent jealousy. Yellow roses symbolize joy, freedom, and friendship. They can also represent a new beginning. Yellow roses are most commonly known as friendship roses. White Roses White roses symbolize purity, innocence, truth, honor, and reverence. They also represent youthfulness and charm. White roses are also associated with marriage and new beginnings and often used as an expression or remembrance. Peach Roses Similar to pink roses, peach roses suggest appreciation, admiration, and gratitude. Peach roses also convey sympathy, while a pale peach rose symbolizes modesty. Orange or Coral Roses Orange roses represent desire, fascination, and enthusiasm. It often symbolizes an expression of keen and passionate romance. Orange roses are the perfect choice if you wish to pursue a new relationship further.

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