tryma kaseh daun pisang :)

Thursday, December 30, 2010

he's ad0rble ryte ? yes he is ~~huhu. im sooo amirer wif him oke . his cute face , his style OMG ! i dont care wat other said . hahahaha...he's my lvly Oli Sykes !!
(Oli Sykes is the lead singer for the Deathcore band, Bring Me The Horizon. He also made a two man deathcore / deaththrash band with Neil Whiteley called Purple Curto. He also has a history of being a rap artist with Matt Nicholls, Tom Sykes and XricciX, known as Womb 2 Da Tomb. And he has also been known for having an electronic instrumental side project called Olisarus or Oli Has a Deathwish. BMTH is from Sheffield, England. He is vegetarian, and is a member of, and peta2. He also has his own clothing line called Drop Dead Clothing.)

thanxxxx menyebokk gylerrr !