tryma kaseh daun pisang :)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

im not okeyh , im sick im hurt im full of tiredness !

s0ry 4 this mention of entry , nothing good happen until dis morning . yes im really sick right now also need pain killer , seriously . but my pain killer is here . come lets have fun with me and my journey 4 getting okey back . click here 4 others .
the cute one 4 me . her suite very cmftble and owsome . mixing is simple but adorble!
oke shes simple but da cool one with her sun glass and her face . the old converse ! i loike~
yeah i know shes very cute with dat suite on her . da shoes mainly play da important one ryte . super dolly her..awww~
just love her style . almost like me . pluss i need to cover fully my aurat . look at her face. its style ryte?
okeyh dats oul 4 today i guess . sory im not in da mood today because of this pain dat i need to suffer every month . hope ur day today more brightful than me. salam alaik..

thanxxxx menyebokk gylerrr !