tryma kaseh daun pisang :)

Friday, July 9, 2010

it not a game !

sometime i guess what people can thinkbout me? im depress sometimes. do silly thing n not apreciate sombdy wif me b4. yes, im regret it! but, past is past. what else i can do? just pray n pray.. when some1 distrb my life n manage me 2 interfere in my life, im stuck. "whose else i can trust?" he guide me so many time, to nice n swear to do evrythng 4 me? but now hes. stbbck me, its hurt u know.. im 2 nice to aplogise what he treat n chet bout his love. yes,im also a kindy 4 being to naive! but sorry 2 say, now n later on. when he said he still love me, im done n i will slap him! "ur juzt a rubbish 2 me!" a little mess do stuck in my mind. what else THEY want me 2 know? yes i am a women. yes i am a gurl b4. yes im fall wth u b4! but now. nothing else i can swear i will do 4 u. nothing nice bout u i can dscribe. 2 much ! im really sick u know.. ................... NEW LIFE ! ''''''''''............'''''''''''''' arefuddin dan nurul ain. this one i will sure 4 now. hes the person whos alaz wif me. either im messy, im ugly or im sickly! hes the one who make me so cmfrtbe ! yes,im really love him now. i do evrythg i can 4 make us happy n happy. 2day,tmrrow n 4eva. im juz love him. NOBODY ELSE ! ...fn...

thanxxxx menyebokk gylerrr !