tryma kaseh daun pisang :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


at leas i know wat da meaning of dis..u jus need me when im in a a time of stuck ryte?ouch! im 2 regrated to have some1 like u in my life ouh!!seriously! little2 bless! i hope u wont bother my life again..2 much u intrfere in my cndition..i am 2 nice 2 make u as some1 special in my life..but u?huh! ITS NOTHING! seems theres zero meaning in u.. ............................... reaally need u now ouh.. hurm..where ver i go, what ever i just want u n u mom ?! beeee ! shedey.. regret ! miss u shangat2!

thanxxxx menyebokk gylerrr !